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Being freelance means you do lose a number of benefits employees receive. One of the main ones being insurance. Freelancers should consider taking out a personal policy to cover them in the event of accidents.

By in large most companies will have a public liability insurance policy which covers staff and equipment, it is here where freelance cover is not always specified. In theory a freelancer could take a channel off-air, they could spill coffee over equipment and so on. In these cases there could be a realistic expectation that the freelancer and client is covered by an insurance policy.

Some agencies provide a public indemnity cover for their freelancers, some clients also expect freelancers to have this in place. It is a very good idea to at least have a personal policy that covers loss of earnings through illness.

We currently provide comprehensive insurance policies through a third party – Caunce O’Hara.

Caunce O’Hara have a long established reputation for providing comprehensive polices for contractors across a number of industries. All policies can be accessed online and are easily to customise.

These policies are aimed at broadcast/media professionals and can be easily customised with various levels of cover.

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