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Organisations in Broadcast and Media

BBC Broadcast News

The news from the world of BBC Broadcast is brought to you by the recruitment firm Frame 25.

BASE Media Cloud: powering the remote workflow revolution

This month, Frame 25 continues to highlight UK broadcast’s brightest. We spoke to three key employees at BASE Media Cloud about the company’s inception and growth, day-to-day operations – and how not to throw your computer out of the window…

Broadcast tech: more important players you need to know

Last year, Frame 25 began to publish a series of blog posts looking at the rise of five sharp, new companies at the cutting edge of broadcast.

Important Players - amagi

Broadcast tech: five important players - Amagi.

Important Players - techex

Broadcast tech: five important players - Techex

Important Players - M2A Media

Broadcast tech: five important players - M2A Media.

Important Players To Keep An Eye On - db Broadcast

Broadcast tech: five important players - db Broadcast.

Important Players To Keep An Eye On - Base Media Cloud

Broadcast tech: five important players to Keep An Eye On - Base Media Cloud.

M&As: Disney & Hulu the latest, huge industry tie-up

Disney has gained full control of Hulu, the SVOD service. This latest move could result in huge shifts in the industry. Put simply, it’s big news. Frame 25 looks at the details and implications…

Disney+ is company’s ‘biggest priority’ in 2019 in battle with Netflix and Amazon

The Disney+ streaming video-on-demand service launches later this year. Frame 25 looks at the story behind the move, and the role played by Netflix.

Locations the key as Channel 4’s ‘three-point plan’ comes together

While Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol are diverse cities and offer thriving television production sectors, all three locations are strong geographically, given what Channel 4 is trying to achieve.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: the story of Channel 4’s move away from London

Channel 4 is on the move, slicing its London headquarters and moving hundreds of key jobs beyond London and creating various “hubs” in the process. And why is the move even happening? Here’s how it’s unfolded.

Good times for Perform as huge boxing deal signed two days after Skipper named executive chairman

These are heady days for Perform Group. Two big news announcements, just 48 hours apart, signal the way forward for the British company as it looks to expand its growing DAZN OTT service. In New York earlier this month, Perform…

How two linear broadcasters are taking on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Traditional, linear broadcasters are in the battle of their lives and have one over-riding question to answer: how to compete with the huge SVOD players?

In the line of fire for Facebook: forget YouTube, it’s Amazon and Netflix (but there are problems...)

In the line of fire for Facebook: forget YouTube, it’s Amazon and Netflix. But, it seems, there are problems for the social network. Frame 25 delves deeper.

Amazon’s game-changing again with introduction of new broadcast tools, AWS Elemental

AWS Elemental Media Services, Amazon’s new suite of video tools, could be about to disrupt the broadcast industry. Frame 25 explains…

Fox, Sky, Disney & Netflix: are we approaching the end of an era?

Recent news that Fox has held talks to sell its film studio, production companies and TV channels to Disney has taken investors and analysts by surprise.

Arqiva & Ofcom paving the way for 5G with 700MHz Clearance

5G is coming and there’s one company working closely with Ofcom to make it happen in the UK. What’s the plan and when can we expect super-fast mobile data?

DAZN – is it really the ‘Netflix of sport’?

When it comes to watching sport on a screen, there’s a young new player who’s taking the game by storm. Born in the UK and with international experience…

Broadcasters take on online advertising giants

As online advertising giants Facebook, Google and Snapchat provide more ways to serve, target and measure ads – and apps offer ever-more advertising opportunities – broadcast companies are increasingly looking to take a slice of the huge revenue on offer.

Online video platforms – why have two of the heavy hitters recently struggled?

Why are some video distribution platforms faltering? What – and who – are their biggest threats? Frame 25 investigates…

Sky Starts Falling?

What does the future look like for Sky? A lot has happened with and to this behemoth of a broadcaster recently…where will it lead?

Game of Phones & Screens: an Industry’s Grab for Audience, Influence, Content and Platforms

Game of Phones & Screens: an Industry’s Grab for Audience, Influence, Content and Platforms – and, ultimately, power and profits.

Viceland – an update

Earlier this year, Frame 25 looked at the emergence of Red Bull and Vice Media, two young, disruptive media companies. While Red Bull is now available via the Online Video section of Sky Q , Viceland has launched as a…

BBC3 online – has the move worked?

A world first When BBC Three moved online four months ago, it became the first TV channel in the world to do so. The shift was approved in November 2015 by the BBC Trust, the independent body which oversees the…

How ITV have reduced their reliance on advertising revenue

When ITV published their 2015 results last month, the figures looked good. All parts of the business are performing well and the company’s chief...

What is Vice? And what’s it got to do with Red Bull marketing?

What is Vice? It’s behind a brand-new TV channel, just like a new offering from Red Bull’s marketing genius.

Sky vs BT: who’s winning UK TV’s heavyweight fight?

Sky and BT, two of the biggest players in Britain’s competitive pay-TV market, are slugging it out for customers. But who’s winning? Is BT’s huge...