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HR in Broadcast and Media

Lorimer letters: what broadcast media professionals need to know

Also known as LP10 letters, Lorimer letters are provided by HMRC to freelancers who want to be classed and paid as self-employed contractors and don’t operate through a limited company. Read the full story.

Diversity in broadcast: how has the industry evolved?

The killing of George Floyd and the subsequent spread of the Black Lives Matter movement across the world have raised issues of race, diversity and equality to levels not seen in decades. But what of the broadcast industry? We look back on a lack of diversity in TV over the years to assess where, when and how shifts might happen…

IR35: July update

A political hot potato that’s causing alarm, confusion and concern. No, not Brexit. Another one. IR35.

IR35: April ’19 update

The UK broadcast industry has been at the forefront of IR35’s implications, given the sector’s heavy reliance on freelancers. IR35 has been a hot topic...

Key changes to IR35 coming in 2017 – what you need to know

IR35 legislation – some key changes are coming in 2017, relating to contractors, their limited companies, personal service companies and end users/clients.

Contractors under fire from HMRC – but there is some good news

This year has been a tough one for contractors, with HMRC announcing a series of measures designed to raise revenue and target those who abuse tax rules.

The budget, HMRC legislation and the broadcast freelancer

Important: as recent HMRC legislation tries to reclaim as much as £400m for the Treasury, Frame 25 looks at how the changes affect broadcast freelancers.