Future of Broadcasting
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Future of Broadcasting

Broadcast’s evolution during – and after – a pandemic

When we wrote on the Frame 25 blog in 2019 about the rise of remote production, the last thing most people were thinking of was a pandemic which would place this innovative way of working at the forefront of the broadcast industry.

The Future of Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcast rights are at the apex of our industry. Technology (hardware and software), viewing habits, the battle between subscriptions, pay-per-view, OTT and free-to-air, the rise of mobile, advertising spends all play a part in the battle for a slice of the huge revenues on offer.

The future of the UK’s public service broadcasters

How can the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and the UK’s other public service broadcasters stay relevant and prominent – and thrive – with so many platforms and networks competing for viewers’ attention and loyalty?

TV Broadcasting – Is The Future Bright or Bleak?

TV Broadcasting: everyone knows the TV industry is changing, but can broadcasters stay successful? Frame 25’s infographic finds out.