Channel Manager

Role Objectives
As a vital part of the team, your role objectives that must be achieved for the Team Objective to be met are as below:

  • Co-ordinate content deliveries and ensure content required for transmission has been delivered and processed by Ingest through the workflow on time.
  • Liaise regularly with the key account holders to ensure that the service levels are being maintained.
  • To support the transmission operations by tracking all incoming schedules and performing a range of checks through to loading on air schedules.
  • Ensure that all communication relating to the Playout services are covered, with courtesy and professionalism, including providing feedback to involved departments.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Your main responsibility is to ensure that all communication relating to the services content delivery has been updated using various portals and tracking tools.
  • Your second responsibility is to ensure that all relevant parties have been updated on content traffic movements and that the content is available and ready for transmission in advance.
  • You will be responsible for the tracking, operational checking and loading of a number of the daily schedules for the Playout services into the automation platforms.
  • To provide the channels with any operational information and feedback so that they can fulfil their contractual commitments.
  • To assist the senior team in all reasonable requests for the day-to-day operational matters regarding the services.
  • To report to the senior team aspects of content management performance which are of concern and be actively involved with first line fault diagnosis.
  • Continually enhance your knowledge on the aspects of the transmission chain and Playout operations of the services.
  • Manage a stream of regular liaison with the service representatives including the feedback of information so that all parties can fulfil their contractual responsibilities. This will involve leading client meetings on your own.
  • Implement new procedures and/or workflow adjustments into the team as and when they arise.
  • Co-ordinate on new projects all assigned Channel Manager tasks relating to the project works.
  • Notify the senior team in Playout immediately if there is any technical or service fault concerns.
  • You will assist in housekeeping of the client’s storage limits and request kill lists for content as instructed and when necessary.
  • You may be required to interact with other departments or external facilities.


  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or Diploma or at least 3 years’ experience in a customer management relationship role.
  • It is essential that the candidate can be responsible in managing their day’s workload and effectively manage their time. You will be required to multitask at all times and be able to work well under pressure.
  • The candidate must be pro-active and able to accept new and changing projects.
  • As the primary liaison for the client, it is essential that the candidate can develop a productive working relationship with external clients.
  • It is essential to have excellent written and spoken English communication skills.
  • It is essential that the candidate is flexible in requirements to work occasional events out of hours, including on bank holidays and weekends for the co-ordination of live events as and when planned.
  • It is essential that the candidate be a team player and have experience of working within a busy, demanding team and can share examples of this at interview.
  • The candidate will handle critical transmission materials and is therefore required to work around a number of confidentiality rules.
  • It is desirable that the candidate hold some knowledge of Transmission environments and technical knowledge relating to the operations of transmission services.

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