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Broadcast Media Software

Will this DPP initiative work? Three freelance editors have their say

The DPP’s mission With so many formats and standards used in today’s broadcast industry, it could be argued that the potential of both producers and broadcasters is hindered by this proliferation. That is why the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), an initiative…

The ‘Triple A’ of Non-Linear Editing Software (Avid Media Composer v Apple FCP v Adobe Premiere; AFX)

Digital editing, also known as non-linear editing (or NLE), is performed on standard computers using media files and is used in both film and video production. It’s also comparable to the way word processing works, given functions like drag-and-drop and…

Adobe Premiere Pro Training – “The time is right to learn Premiere”

Adobe Premiere Pro training – in London and beyond..

Adobe Premiere – the editors’ view

The Adobe Premiere story – previously… In a previous article on this blog, we looked at the merits of the “the holy trinity of non-linear editing software: Adobe video editing, Avid Media Composer and Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP).” In…

Adobe for Broadcast

Adobe creative cloud is a creative toolkit comprising of over 20 desktop and mobile apps for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Used by creatives across the globe. The creative cloud is based on a monthly subscription model. The creative suite is different to the cloud as it is bought as a one-off product. As a result updates are limited.

Avid Media Composer for Broadcast

Avid Media Composer has historically been the standard non-linear video editing platform used for broadcast and film. Avid MC is a platform designed to handle the needs of professional editors transitioning to a digital editing platform. It has continued to evolve and add features for both professional and amateur editors.

Blackmagic Design for broadcast

Blackmagic manufacture a number of broadcast and cinema hardware products from high end digital movie cameras to video editing software such as DaVinci Resolve.